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Audition Etudes and Scales

Dear Prospective Member,


The audition scales and etude included are designed to help our staff evaluate your level of musicianship and will be used to determine your scholarship tier, ensemble placement, and chair order. We encourage you to practice the scales and etude daily to achieve mastery.

Although the scales and etude are marked to be played at (at least) tempo=90, You may perform them at a faster tempo that best demonstrates your technique and command of the musical elements and nuances of tone, pitch, rhythm, articulation, dynamics and interpretation.


To submit your audition, you must create a video of you performing the 12 major scales, the chromatic scale, and the etude, and upload it to the FMU Band Audition Portal. Please click on and follow the instructions titled, "How to Upload Your Audition Video Via Youtube",  DOWNLOAD HERE

We look forward to working with you, so prepare well and stay safe!


Good Luck!

Richard Beckford
Director of University Band

Florida Memorial University

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